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Years ahead, and moving forward.  The future, in your hand.

Years ahead, and moving forward.


Move up the value chain, and

help your clients differentiate themselves.

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The CUBE is used by industry leaders

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by leading providers and by  locations like Harrods, in 40 countries worldwide

No limits

to reaching new customers or services

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The Future of on hold and music delivery has arrived

‘Move to Where the Ball will be’ – the Future of On Hold and Music Delivery has already arrived

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky once said:   The Cube is the most ...
Zoo Business Media Chooses the CUBE by Exponential Solutions as its Primary Delivery Platform for Music and Messages Worldwide

Zoo Business Media Chooses the CUBE by Exponential Solutions as its Primary Delivery Platform for Music and Messages Worldwide

Zoo Business Media, specialists in music, video and voice messaging solutions, have ...

The CUBE Chosen by Virtual Jukebox to Deliver Music Worldwide

Interactive music provider Virtual Jukebox Ltd (London, UK) has selected The CUBE ...


Sat, 6 Apr, 2013 9:06 AM EDT Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and Dartford, ...

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Experience the sexiest and most powerful management interface, ever

Try it out, live, with your own content and our virtual CUBE ...

CUBE US continues to distribute the multi-talented CUBE solution to the USA, Australia and Latin America

Press Release Update October 2013:  CUBEUS has been in place for well ...
Do you Enjoy Aggravating Your Customers?

Do you Enjoy Aggravating Your Customers?

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What Our Clients Say

The ability to satisfy even the most demanding and dynamic client requirements translates to a competitive advantage.

– Nick Findlay, Managing Director, Premier Business Audio -

Thanks very much for taking such care! Great service!

– Nick Findlay, Managing Director, Premier Business Audio -

… what I like best? The CUBE pulls information directly from our own content management system.

– Andy Hill, CEO, I Like Music -

The CUBE is many devices in one, including an Audio Marketing player, a sophisticated in-store solution, and also a licensed music device. It can operate standalone via USB, and as a full- blown multi-site network device.

– Nick Findlay, Managing Director, Premier Business Audio -

A multi talented unit, the CUBE stands to tread on the toes of major industry players. Someday all media player  solutions will be like the CUBE

– Gary Adams, AMGHosted, MOH Solution Expert

CubeMC is really simple to use — Thanks for making my life so much easier!

– Laura Light, Studio Manager, Premier Business Audio -

the preferred choice as a platform to provide both Music on Hold (MOH) and for In Store / Pub / Club background Music, is the Cube

– Gary Adams, AMGHosted, Telecom and MOH Solutions Expert -

Our customers expect more and we must innovate, while increasing ROI. CUBE is a flexible tool that delivers on all these fronts

– Chester Hull, owner ProSound USA -

The CUBE is an extremely versatile and reliable product with an excellent team behind it. It’s now an integral part of our business

– Adam Castleton, Operations Director, Jukestream Limited t/a 'The Virtual Jukebox' -

The CUBE has proven to be a highly powerful, flexible, and reliable platform. It will allow us to deliver a variety of new functionality, including integrated and interactive audio and visual applications that will enhance customer experiences.

– Dharmendra Patel, Managing Director of PlayNetwork EMEA -

The CUBE is a fantastic unit. We’ve found them to be very simply to install and extremely reliable. Once they’re online, they stay online…plus uploading and scheduling content couldn’t be easier. Well done on the user interface, guys!  The customer service has been outstanding, too.  I would highly recommend the CUBE to anyone. For us, the CUBE is a keeper.

– Vince Koegle, President TAC on Hold -

Of all the units I’ve tested, the CUBE has the best connectivity, by far

– Chester Hull, owner ProSound USA -

People just have no idea how far behind they are, compared to what you guys are doing. You are the only equipment manufacturer that gets it.

– Adam Castleton, Operations Director, Jukestram Limited t/a 'The Virtual Jukebox'